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Factory Sirens now supply hand held metal detectors.

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By definition a siren is a loud noise making device. Sirens are generally used as a warning system for the possibility of impending danger, the presence of emergency vehicles, burglar alarms or notification of an upcoming event.

So how is my business going to benefit from the installation of a siren?

How many times have you walked into the canteen at the end of lunch to find that your staff members are still sitting or at best just starting to clean up after themselves?


How many times have you stood at the staff entrance at starting time to watch your staff clocking in at precisely 08:00?


How many times have you watched your staff queue to clock out at 16:55 when the shift only ends at 17:00?


If a man has a watch he has a pretty good idea of the time, if a man has two watches he hasn't a clue.


Do you work on staffs' time or bosses' time?

You have probably answered at least one of these questions with a quite scary high number.


You definitely need a siren AND timer.

Consider the following:

Each staff member "steals" one single minute per day (most people would have the 'so what' attitude), with a manpower of 100 and using a standard 40 hour week you would have a loss of 440 man hours per year.

This is how we help you:

Your shift starts at 08:00 and ends at 17:00

Lunch is between 13:00 and 14:00

Tea breaks are 10:30 to 10:45 and 15:15 to 15:30

Your siren timer might be set up so:

07:55 3 seconds (Warning)

08:00 5 seconds - Start of Shift

10:30 5 seconds - Start of Tea Break

10:40 3 seconds (Warning)

10:45 5 seconds - End of Tea Break

13:00 5 seconds - Start of Lunch

13:55 3 seconds (Warning)

14:00 5 seconds - End of Lunch

15:15 5 seconds - Start of Tea Break

15:25 3 seconds (Warning)

15:30 5 seconds - End of Tea Break

17:00 5 seconds - End of Shift

Remember, you pay your staff to work, not for being at work.



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